Pan Am Rebrand and Website


This is a personal project where I wanted to revive Pan Am, the classic defunkt airline and rebrand it - 26 years after its collapse in 1991. Competition today is fierce within the airline and travel industry and in order to become a success, it must wow travellers with a well thought out user experience.

I will work on the pre-booking part of the website to help users find destinations prior to their booking. Users often have time they can take off to go on holiday and a budget they want to stick to but they just don't know where they want to go.


Entering today's airline industry into its previous position as the 'Ritz-Carlton of the Airlines' will be a difficult brand position to maintain. Its image must be cool and glamorous but still remain approachable - losing its previous premium price tag. Also, one of the other tactics in building up a brand is through marketing its frequent flyer program, the World Pass.

01 Research

The user research I conducted included surveys, competitive analysis and secondary research to gain a deeper understand of how users go about researching and booking holidays and what websites they use to do research in this area. The results of the research showed that most users mainly used online travel agents (OTAs) to book holidays because of the convenience of being able to book flights, hotels and car rental on the one site. But research is often done through a lot of hard work searching through review sites such as Trip Advisor and travel blogs.




I created two provisional personas for this website. One is a sales rep who travels a great deal for her job and has accumulated a great deal of frequent flyer miles which she plans to make use of during her annual leave. The other is a teacher who can only travel during the school holidays. He needs to make use of the long holidays for his trips so he likes to take advantage of stopover flights as much as possible.

02 Strategy

I used the UX strategy blueprint tool to help me decipher what it is I need to build the site map and wireframes for the Pan Am website.


I created a userflow for the app which features the pre-booking stage of the website - for both World Pass members and non-members.

03 Design

I created wireframes based on my research findings which is to focus on making the most of the carousel banners which are often what makes users stay lingering on a website longer and clear call-to-actions. I also wanted to introduce icons to represent different holiday categories to differentiate them from the photographic imagery.

Logo rebrand

For the logo refresh, I wanted to keep some of the existing elements from the original brand such as the blue and globe symbol but the direction needed to be more sophisticated yet not too premium.

UI Kit

High Fidelity Screens

Next Steps

After user testing, I will work on making the website responsive and come up with alternative versions for the Get Inspired section of the home page. There will be versions based on regional based activities at different times of the year such as music festivals and shows as well as cultural festivals.