300Cubits Blockchain startup website rebrand


300Cubits are a cryptocurrency startup who are using blockchain technology to combat the problem of no-shows which are costing the container shipping industry up to $23 billion a year. With the use of TEU tokens, container shippers and manufacturers will be able to use it as a form of a booking deposit.

300Cubits approached me to work on the website ready for their ICO launch in March 2018. One of the main problems of their previous website was that it didn't attract the typical persona of those who would buy into cryptocurrency and for many, it was also difficult to understand their value proposition. The typical profile of a cryptocurrency buyer is male, single and between the ages of 18-30 years old with da reasonable amount of monthly disposable income.


Entering today's competitive blockchain landscape wasn't easy for 300Cubits, given the hundreds of startups that have already entered the crypto market in 2017. And with more and more negative news of some crypto startups being fraudulent, the website needed to give out the impression of credibility and trust as well as being informative enough for potential token buyers to want to contribute.

But their main target users are really those in the container shipping industry. Their ultimate goal is to be able to hand out free TEU tokens to those who are actually working within the industry to solve the issue of no shows and work on narrowing the losses that is potentially crippling the industry.

300Cubits' branding needed to be less conservative yet still be informative. I feel I achieved this by introducing a more refreshing palette of oranges, greens and blues to the overall appearance of the website to make it more playful and engaging.


I created a simple userflow for the website which mainly featured a long scrolling landing page which is commonly used throughout the crypto industry.

03 Design

One of the challenges in displaying the content was to layout the data in more interesting ways than just using tables. I used color coding and iconography to engage the user with its content.